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Celebrate Stories

My Sister's Books will be on location tonight. Join us as we Celebrate Stories at Family Fun Night at Pawleys Island Presbyterian Church. From 6-8, there will be authors speaking, free food, and tons of fun! We will be there selling books and stop by our table to meet children's authors: Richard Lake and Christine Doran! The event will go on rain or shine... as we know any weather is perfect for books.

From the church's website:
Tuesday, June 19th - Celebrating Stories
Enjoy a good night of Storytelling, Puppetry, Books, Arts & Crafts and Food!
Have questions? Call the church office at 843-237-4581
Address: 9967 Ocean Hwy
Pawleys Island, SC 29585-7415

Happy Reading!
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Hi Everyone,

Summer days are meant to be filled with sunshine and books. Here's what we have recently read:

Bess spent her beach day reading The Scam by Janet Evanovich. This entertaining book was filled with elaborate scams that took place all over the world. Fans of the movie, The Sting, will thoroughly enjoy this book.

Fran was enthralled by the classic, The Road by Cormac McCarthy. To summarize this powerful novel in one word, "Wow!" This eye-opening story had consistent writing and was easily read in a day.

Nicole just finished Camino Island by John Grisham. Fans of stories will appreciate this mystery set around the theft of handwritten editions of classics.

What have you read this month?
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Happy Memorial Day!

We are Open normal hours today.

So if you need some books to get you through the rain, or if you want to stock up on some summer reads, stop on by, between 10 and 5.
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Did you know that Lee Child is British? His brother is thriller writer, Andrew Grant. Andrew's wife is historical mystery author, Tasha Alexander.

Out of this family of suspense authors, how many have you read?
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Hi Everyone,

This week, we are taking a look back at incredible reading group selections.

Happy Reading!

Vol. 4

Follow the River 
By: James Alexander Thom

Mary Ingles lived in the settlement with her family and was expecting her third child in Virginia in 1755.
Mary’s happiness changed when the Shawnee Indians brutally attacked the village and kidnapped Mary,
her children and her sister-in-law. This is the story of how Mary followed the Ohio River through rough
terrain and back to her family.

James Alexander Thom writes a powerful and honest tale of life in a western Virginia settlement. The
gruesome and brutal details may turn some readers off, but the descriptions are accurate and realistic.
Readers will be entranced as they read this book and they will feel as though they are kidnapped along
with Mary. The strength and determination Mary demonstrates, is something that will leave readers
talking long after they have finished reading. I recommend this book for reading groups.

Similar Author Suggestions: Lucia St. Clair Robson, Anna Lee Waldo, John Jakes

Reading Group Choices – 2013
By: Reading Group Choices

This book is a must have for both reading groups and literature fans. It starts with a look back at
2011 and lists the top ten books from that year. Then it dives into a list of over 70 book
suggestions to read for this year. The list includes a wide range of genres, so there is a book for
almost everyone. Each book is then featured with the cover photo, a brief summary and quotes
from other readers in order to help make the selection process easier. Once a book is chosen
for a reading group, this handy guide can then assist in the discussion, since it provides a list of ‘
Conversation Starters” for each of the books!

 I highly recommend this book as guide for all adult reading groups this year. Note: We have the current versions of this book in stock.

By: Dolen Perkins-Valdez

Tawawa House is a vacation resort located in the free territory of Ohio. Northern white families
vacation here as well as Southern white men. However the Southern white men do not bring their wives
and children, they bring their women slaves. Three of these women, Lizzie, Sweet and Reenie, have
bonded over the several summers they have spent at Tawawa House. It is the newcomer, Mawu, that
stirs talk of escaping into the free territories. As the women face new horrors, they relive their pasts and
one tragic fire will change all of them forever.

 Told mostly from the point of view of Lizzie, Wench gives a gripping inside look into a painful time.
Perkins-Valdez shows the inner conflicts that some slaves faced, while dealing with the cruel demons of
slavery. Readers will be caught up in all the emotions of pain and fear and even love. This is a powerful,
emotional and heart-wrenching tale that everyone should read. However be prepared for an
unsatisfying ending.

Similar Author Suggestions:
Kathryn Stockett, Erin Morgenstern, Marlon James, Kathleen Grissom
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Hi Everyone,

Here is what we are reading:

Linda just finished The Wright Brothers by David McCullough. Despite this not being one of her favorite genres, she absolutely loved the fascinating details in the book. She learned a lot about the brothers and is sharing her enjoyment with all of us.

Joyce just finished Circling the Sun by Paula McLain. She enjoyed the book so much, that she now wants to read West with the Night and Out of Africa. Both of these books tell the real stories behind Paula McLain's book. Joyce also finished Yellow Crocus by Laila Ibrahim. She is currently reading Bruno, Chief of Police the first in a series by Martin Walker.

Nicole recently finished The Bullet by Mary Louise Kelly, which was a fun, new discovery for her. Today, she is diving into an advanced copy of Bring Me Back by B. A. Paris. If you enjoy psychological thrillers, you are going to want to read the previous books by this author. Nicole love Behind Closed Doors! She is also starting The Wright Brothers, because she believes in well-balanced reading stacks.

Speaking of incredible books, last night was pretty exciting for some South Carolina authors. Four authors were inducted into the Hall of Fame: Nathalie Dupree, Mary Alice Monroe, Valerie Sayers, and John Blake White.

Mary Alice Monroe also had another exciting event happen, as The Beach House made it's television debut!

How many of these books/authors have you read? What are you currently reading?
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Happy Independent Bookstore Day!

We are OPEN 10-3 today. If you purchase a new book, you will get a free gift.

Happy Reading,
~My Sister's Books
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Hi Everyone,

In this week's edition of Throwback Thursday, we dive into the February 2013 archives for a look at Volume 3 of our Riveting Reviews.



The Good Sister
By: Drusilla Campbell

This is the story of three generations of women and the choices that haunt their past, present and will forever change their future. Ellen was not fit to be a mother and it showed in how she raised her daughter, Roxanne. A few days before Roxanne started the first grade, Ellen dropped her off at her grandmother’s house, only to return when Roxanne was nine years old. When Roxanne came home it was her responsibility to care for her brand new baby sister. Roxanne became Simone’s world as her protector and her helper, since she was the one in charge of her life. Flash forward several years, Simone is a mother of several daughters and she suffers from extreme depression. Simone’s eldest daughter, Merell, knows her mother is not well. Merell knows her youngest sister’s life is in trouble, but promises her grandmother, Ellen, that she will never tell anyone. As life progresses in the present, memories of the past haunt everyone and when Simone finds out she is having another girl, things take a turn for worse. Will these women survive the past and present to have a future? Or will hormones, depression and past decisions, cost this family too much?

Campbell writes a poignant, heart breaking tale of a family. She gives insight into each of the women’s minds, while perfectly balancing the present with memories of the past. Readers will be swept up in the emotions that this book offers, while some may argue the outcome. This is a powerful and moving tale about the effects of depression on the entire family and the consequences from each person’s actions. Campbell also gives readers an insight into the inspiration behind this story in a note describing her own mother’s battle with postpartum depression.

Similar author suggestions:
Jodi Picoult, Kristin Hannah, Jacquelyn Mitchard

Taking Flight
BY: Sarah Solmonson

Sarah Solmonson tells her story of growing up as the only human child in the Norton family. Her father, David Norton, was obsessed with airplanes and flying. He spent six years building an airplane from scratch. Unfortunately on July 1, 2000, David’s regular take off took a tragic turn as the wind disappeared, causing his beloved plane to crash. David Norton didn’t survive and this book is the story of how his wife and daughter fought to survive their horrific loss.

In her telling memoir, Sarah Solmonson demonstrates an incredible talent for writing. She rotates chapters between a current conversation with her father and the memories she had growing up. This rotation provides the perfect balance between the heart wrenching emotions and the wholesome funny memories of the past. Readers will feel as though Sarah did not use any ink to write this book, but instead used her own blood from her heart. Each sentence, each statement and each memory are written with such honesty and such affection that readers will feel like they are a member of this family. This book is incredibly powerful and mesmerizing.

The Secret of the Kindred Spirit
By: Jacqueline DeGroot

Sunset Beach is a small island off the coast of North Carolina and it has been in desperate need for a new bridge. After a decade of battles, the island’s residents are still divided on the true need for the bridge versus the fact that it could disturb their peaceful setting. However, Cassie Andrews has arrived with some of crew to start construction. In her quest to learn the island’s layout, she makes a gruesome discovery, a human head. When the responding officer arrives, Cassie’s fear disappears and a new feeling sets in as she meets Michael Troy. Michael Troy has been a cop for several years and if he solves this murder case, he can make detective. He has dreamed of his perfect southern belle wife for years, but Cassie is a complete opposite that he desperately wants to enjoy while he waits for his dream bride to enter his life. Too many questions now plague this small town. Will the bridge be built? Will the murderer be caught? Will Cassie and Troy set aside their differences and fall in love?

Jacqueline DeGroot combines, murder and romance in this story set in a small beach town. The omniscient point of view can be a bit confusing as it bounces around, but it allows readers to connect with each of the characters. Though more romance than suspense, the action intensifies near the end. The main male character can be a bit obnoxious at times, but readers can relate to his inner conflict. The ending will give readers a hint towards which couple will be next to fall in love at Sunset Beach. Pawleys Island residents can relate to the setting of Sunset Beach and its cast of characters.
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Hi Everyone,

Today's Throwback Thursday is featuring our second edition of our Riveting Reviews.


Riveting Reviews Vol 2

The Secret of the Portals The Adventures of Bruten & Tommy
By Brant Waldeck

This is the story of two best friends, Tommy Staunton and Bruten Stone. The boys make the perfect team in complementing each other’s abilities, brawns and brains. One day, Tommy and Bruten came across a secret portal to another dimension.  Excited about this other world, they rush to Tommy’s Uncle Ron who had explored many countries throughout his lifetime.  Uncle Ron tells them about all of the secret portals in the woods and introduces him to his friend, Branford, a talking squirrel. Branford, Tommy and Bruten set out to explore all of the other portals. What they found exceeds any of their expectations, but it also puts them in grave danger. But is the real danger at home in their world?

Waldeck has written an exciting book for children and young teens. Waldeck subtly throws in geology and science lessons that will coincide with fifth grade subjects. The battle between doing the right thing while someone else is being greedy is a classic tale, but this story has a modern twist. This book is written for a younger, pre-teen audience. I recommend this book for young readers and anyone else who is looking for a fun adventure.

Southern Fatality
By: T. Lynn Ocean

Jersey Barnes is a strong and independent woman. She is ready to begin an early and relaxing retirement, after working several years as a private security specialist. Unfortunately, her dream is postponed when her boyfriend, Bill, asks her to help his friend. Jersey takes on this supposedly simple task of surveillance for a few days, yet she is quickly thrust back into a world of kidnapping and an internet virus capable of stealing hundreds of millions dollars. Thankfully she has some reliable friends and family that can back her up, if needed.

T. Lynn Ocean has created a high stakes, adrenaline filled world, which has typically been reserved for male characters. However her main character, Jersey Barnes, is one tough woman that can take down any bad guy, while still wearing fashionable lingerie.  This book is the first in a series that promises to keep up the adventure and crime fighting. Ocean provides comic relief in the form of Jersey’s dad, Spud and his buddies who somehow manage to always get themselves in trouble. Readers will become instant fans of Ocean’s writing abilities and will be on the hunt to find the next book.

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Hi Everyone,

Over the course of the next 33 weeks, we will be sharing our original Riveting Reviews. Today's newsletter was the very first one and it was posted back in January 2013.


One for the Money
By: Janet Evanovich
This book is the first installment in Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series. Mixing sarcastic undertones with doses of a realistic, harsh reality make Stephanie relatable to readers. While placing her character in unimaginable situations, Evanovich will certainly make readers laugh uncontrollably. Though the writing has a few moments of weakness and at times is predictable, overall, readers will enjoy this unique take at crime fighting. Readers will reach for the next book in the series, just to see what else can happen to Stephanie, as she learns more about becoming a bounty hunter. I recommend this book to fans of the 'accidentally-thrown-into-an-investigation' character series books.
Suggestions for similar authors:
Jenn McKinlay, Tess Gerritsen, T. Lynn Ocean & Gemma Halliday

By: Byron Suggs
Byron Suggs has created a superb and flawless tale of love versus hate. A classic coming-of-age story with a magical rocker twist will introduce a new set of readers to the genre of Southern Literature. For fans of Southern Lit, this book will be a must-read! Suggs demonstrates an unbelievable talent as he flawlessly changes dialect between the characters and the time periods. I highly recommend this book to everyone.

Heat Wave Series
By: Alannah Lynne
The first three books in this series:
Savin’ Me   Last Call   Crossing Lines

Alannah Lynne’s books exude sex and desire. From the very first few pages, readers will be over-heated and longing for more. Each book oozes with intense chemistry and sizzling passion. Readers will be pleased with the hometown facts and the fun and cozy atmosphere. Fans of romance must add these books and this author to their library. Recommended to mature readers who want a series to take them on a fun vacation or provide an arousing escape from reality.

The Man in the Box
By: Andrew Toy
Andrew Toy has created a unique and interesting story that spans several genres from mystery and adventure to fantasy. Robbie Lake is a modern-day adult Peter Pan, as he travels back to his childhood fantasy world which has grown into a terrifying land in his absence. Toy’s debut novel will leave readers talking and it will make them instant fans of his storytelling abilities.

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